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What is TattooYoo?

TattooYoo is the beginner’s guide to the world of tattoos. A helping hand is offered to those on a journey to receive their first bit of ink.

a person on the right getting tattooed by a tattoo artist on the left

I Care

TattooYoo.ink is an informational support website for anyone who needs help during and after the process of getting their first tattoo. I care to provide factual information and am dedicated to making the experience as painless as possible- up until the appointment of course.

My Purpose

My purpose is to make the first-time tattoo experience as fun and worry-free as possible for everyone. I achieve this by providing researched step-by-step instructions on how to carefully go through the process in a confident way. My highest priority is safety, and I believe an informed client is a happy one.

I Value Your Advice

I am very excited to share all of the tattoo knowledge I’ve collected with those who need help. Whether it be with planning your journey, researching different tattoo art styles, or learning about how to heal, I am here to guide in order to provide the best experience possible. However, there is always more to learn. Therefore, I value your feedback to help improve the experience here as well. Please use the contact form below to leave advice!

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