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First time? Let’s do it together!

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Welcome to TattooYoo! A helpful guide to those curious about getting their first tattoo!

Personalize your journey

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A clear path to success

Don’t know where to start? Tattoo Tips can assist you on how to reflect, research, and redeem through each step of the tattoo process!

Heal your way

Don’t know how to take care of your new tattoo? No worries! Learn how to properly clean and heal a fresh tattoo using your preferred method of Saniderm or Cream & Soap!

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Browse tattoo art styles

Check out my blog!

London artists & shops

Meet a few of my favorite local London tattoo artists and discover how to book with them!

Fine line tattoo of the London skyline by Dave Stone

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My tattoo story

Discover my personal tattoo journey and see the fun pieces I’ve collected along the way!